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Database Applications

The days of a static website with a simple contact form have evolved.  A website can now be something a lot more, interacting with users and clients in many different ways, whether it’s text messages, smart emails or XML schemers.

Your website can be so much more; perhaps it could look after your stock levels, your invoicing system, your booking system, your communications, or all of the above! The point is Dual Media specialise in bespoke programming whatever that may be, we have a wealth of programming experience that can help you achieve almost anything you want from your website and maybe even a few things you didn’t think about.

We specialise in Microsoft technologies, but also have experience in PHP and Java, should you require it, we use several different relationship databases depending on your requirements from mySQL , MS-SQL to ARCS.

If you want a demonstration of our more complex applications then please get in touch and tell us exactly what you want your ideal application to do, we are sure Dual Media will be able to help!

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