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Andrew Brown

Company Director & Performance Enhanced Designer

This chap designs all the websites, branding, animation and a good knowledge of search engine optimisation. Andy has over 15 years working professionally in the design and web industry and has been recognised as one of the leading designers in the UK by some of the major design magazines. He has a passion for his design work, performance cars and fine wines. Often found tearing up the tarmac of Lancashire’s roads, driving too fast, Andy spends most of his spare time in the gym lifting pointless heavy objects, or in the ring as he is a keen thai boxer and extremely passionate about his Muay Thai.

Technical Data   Favourites  
Date of Birth 07 November Drink
Southern Comfort
Place of Birth County Durham Food Steak
Height 6.0ft Place The Gym
    Car GTR !!!
    Colour Noir
    Music Rock!
    Biscuituit Gold Bar

Senior Developer

The wolf man!!! AKA : Wolverine, Teenwolf, Big foot, Chewbacca, Yeti or Ewok. Adam is the senior developer at Dua Media and has worked on all major developments to date, keen to keep up with the latest programming languages and techniques but Adam is not your typical programmer geek! Also another brother of iron Adam is keen on chucking the weights around, throwing on boxing gloves but also loves kicking the pig skin about and plays footie for a local team, often hungover for a sunday match. He is without doubt one of the biggest Liverpool FC fans available to order. Adam is now 31 and still has L.F.C bed spread night lamp, matching curtains, slippers and PJ’s.........AWESOME!

Technical Data   Favourites  
Date of Birth 21 October Drink
Jack Daniels & Coke
Place of Birth Blackpool Food Pizza
Height 5.9ft Place Cyprus and Anfield
    Car Porsche 911 turbo
    Colour Red
    Music Rock, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder
    Biscuit Chocolate wholewheat Hob Nobs


Earl is the black sheep of the family…… not really but been very much into his rock music he is pretty much always dresses in black, but what good programmer isn’t? You will most probably speak to Earl if you have a technical issue or question, or just generally want to talk to somebody about your feelings; he is a great listener… just not so good with the conversation.

Technical Data   Favourites  
Date of Birth 12 March Drink
Place of Birth Blackpool Food Burger
Height 5.11ft Place The Tache
    Car Bike !
    Colour Blue
    Music Slade
    Biscuit Custard Creams

Copywritint & SEO

Martina is an award winning copywriter that needs constant great feedback to feed her ego. This makes her popular as a workaholic as she writes for our big named brands. She's quite simply a workaholic with a passion for her craft, while her perfectionist nature means she delivers to deadlines, exceeds expectations and grows fat on her fabulous feedback.
Whatever the business, her copy can help. In another life she'd be a housewife, as she adores cooking, gardening, rollercoasters and innuendo but in this life she just doesn't have the time, so she writes about it instead!

Technical Data   Favourites  
Date of Birth 18 June Drink
Cup of tea
Place of Birth Hull Food Chinese
Height 5.2ft Place Anywhere with Masseurs
    Car My Nippy Little Yaris
    Colour Got to be blue
    Music Anything I can sing along to
    Biscuit Biscuit Peanut Butter Cookies

Home Grown Website Developer / Coder

Chris we originally borrowed from the local college for 2 weeks while we gave him some work experience but after impressing us with his huge talent with little professional experience (and not just putting the kettle on) we decided to take him on as one of our own and grow him into the awesome little bean he now is. An absolute wizard with HTML & CSS

Technical Data   Favourites  
Date of Birth 07 October Drink
Place of Birth Lancashire Food Quavers
Height 2.6ft Place Bed
    Car E-Type
    Colour Like a reddy red colour
    Music Anything with guitar
    Biscuit Jammy Doger