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Images can tell a story and speak a thousand words? Or can they? Either way, the swift movement in professional photography development has made it absolutely essential in the new media world, therefore it needs to be right, whether the photography is displayed online or on paper.

We are passionate about our photography and believe it can invoke emotion and communicate with the intended target audience in a way that generated graphics and illustrations cannot. Dual Media fully appreciate and respect the value of both effective and professional photography for all of our clients.

We are forever increasing our photography tool shed, we can come to any location equipped with high-end digital SLR Cameras and sufficient lightning to suit any indoor or outdoor photography shoot. We have worked around Blackpool, Preston, Manchester and most of Lancashire to be honest. Our in-house digital photography capabilities allow us to touch up, tweak and bring to life our pictures, in plain English this more than often means “please can you get rid of my spots, wrinkles, double chin and make my skin look even” and yes............. we can and we will.

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