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Email Marketing

Dual Media have created and engineered a bespoke mass-mail solution that will add on to your websites administration section allowing you to collect, store and manage your visitors credentials, such as their contact number and email address.

Our bespoke email will allow you to easily create and send full colour and graphical html emails direct to your contact list. It really is so very easy and a lot of our customers are already reaping the benefits and there is no costs or tariffs involved for sending, also being on Dual Media's dedicated hosting server and not a shared server pretty much ensures that your email broadcast won’t go out of space or get stuck in a spam junk filter.

So what do I use it for?
Here are some examples of what existing clients may use our html email sending software. Supposing you are running an E-commerce shop, maybe you have a special offer on, why not tell everybody in your contacts list about it! Supposing you have some old stock or something that needs to shift fast, put it on offer and tell EVERYBODY about it.

Now let’s get creative!
Sales are down and you need a boost, how about a little incentive for your customers to come have a look and make a purchase. With Dual Media bespoke systems you could send an html email say Thursday night, again by email or you could use our SMS text messaging system to send your offer direct to client’s phones. From here you could offer  a promotion code that when entered into the checkout, you receive a % off your order, however the promotion code expires 5 o’clock Friday evening so be fast!

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