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Search Engine Marketing

New websites
Gearing your website up to start a search engine relationship is a process we have to integrate and consider from day one. If you are planning on your new site to generate its audience mainly from search engines then we have to build the website with this in mind. We need to produce a site that will meet search engine requirements, play by the rules and score points.

We have many sites producing great results in the search engines as we speak. Want proof ? No problem, open an internet browser and let's go to the world's biggest and most widely-used search engine, Google.com

Example one
Type in the phrase “Nitrous oxide systems”
At the time of producing this document one of our clients, Akamoto.co.uk, is placed no:2 in the world competing with 71,100 other sites for this search term (as displayed in Google).

If you modify the search to UK only, you will notice they are ranked no:1 , and guess what they sell ! You guessed it, nitrous oxide systems.

Why not try these phrases also:
Nitrous Oxide Cars ( Ranked 1 both worldwide & UK)
Exhaust Flamers ( Ranked 1 both worldwide & UK)

We have more examples and demonstrations of our search engine capabilities so don’t be fooled by the guaranteed ranking solutions if there is simply no proof. Getting a website to the top comes from hard work and invested time and its as simple as that.

So if you have a product or service you want to tell the world about, then start by telling us.

Existing Websites
We offer search engine optimisation services to non-existing clients also, but if we didn’t build the site, we can't guarantee the sites outcome, there is no point in lying, but can rebuild or tweak sites to perform. If you are happy with your current site but feel it's not performing in the search engines, and then by all means contact us for a free consultation and solutions.

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