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DVD & CD-Rom Production

DVD’s & CD-ROMs are still one of the most successful methods of presenting your company to a wide audience. We have previously produced Interactive DVD’s and CD-ROM's for our clients to:

  • Demonstrate a new product(s) to interested retailers
  • Train staff on using a new system or product(s)
  • To demonstrate a company's ability and services
  • To give a retailer a full interactive catalogue and ordering system
  • Demonstrate new music and video artists

Have you considered corporate USB memory sticks ?
Instead of sending a DVD in a case with a print, why not keep it simple and compact by adding your video presentation and additional media files on a USB stick? We can have these made for you at a fraction of the recommended retail price, branded with your logo, have your media installed on the pen drive that will auto play when inserted into any machine.

Producing these DVD’s and USB pens is not a problem for us, in fact, we do the whole solution. We will not only create the DVD, CD-ROM or USB pen content, but we will also mass produce the disc, create and implement the DVD print design, the cases and covers, AND we will even sort the duplication out, no matter if you need one hundred or one million. Just leave it to us.

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